Increase Efficiency with iWorQ’s Municipal Code Enforcement Software

Alexa BosenManagement

Municipal Code Enforcement Software

Tracking code enforcement cases on paper or spreadsheets not only is inefficient but is insecure. It can take a long time to fill out, and papers and spreadsheets can be lost with important information. Searching for a specific case can waste valuable time. iWorQ’s municipal code enforcement software is the solution. We simplify the paper trail with custom letters employed with just a few keystrokes from anywhere via an Internet-connected device.

iWorQ’s municipal code enforcement software lets you:

  • Manage inspections, court dates, re-inspections, and all other activities
  • Create violation letters, issue citations, and utilize custom checklists
  • Associate parcels and/or physical addresses with code enforcement cases
  • Develop insight reports for management
  • View and respond to citizen complaints in real time

With iWorQ’s municipal code enforcement software, code enforcement officers can access their cases, activity schedules, and enter notes from anywhere, including attaching pictures to cases from their mobile device.

Create Violation Letters and Citations

A unique feature of iWorQ’s Code Enforcement is the ability to create letters and citations in matters of seconds. An iWorQ technician will code a letter to look exactly like the letter or citation that you currently use. The letter will pull information from the case to create a violation letter or citation. No longer do you have to type each specific detail over and over again. Instead, easily create a letter that anyone can access from the parcel ID and move onto other tasks.

Technology is changing – don’t get left behind in the old ways of doing paperwork with paper, pen, spreadsheets and metal filing cabinets. Make the switch and simplify code enforcement. Schedule a demo and take a look at what our software can do for you.

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