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iWorQ Mobile

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Agencies can now track, manage, create, and complete work orders from their smartphones. iWorQ mobile works perfectly on tablets and can even be used for the sized cell phone screen to minimize scrolling, increase speed and make it easier to use.

Work in real-time, anywhere

This mobile interface allows your agency to access work orders in real-time. Imagine doing all of these steps, without having to take a foot in the office:

  • Create a service request while on-site.
  • Be notified in the field of all details of the work order.
  • Complete the work order and others back at the office can see the updates immediately.

Using the mobile interface the employee can assign hours, equipment, and inventory to the work order. This is all part of the amazing benefits from having the only web-based city management suite on Earth.

iWorQ is convenient, affordable, and effective

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