Kay Olsen

Keynote speaker announced for #iWorQ16

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LOGAN, UT –  iWorQ hosts an Annual Training Conference as an opportunity for one-on-one teaching, to learn about iWorQ applications, to have fun, and meet iWorQ staff. During this two-day event, attendees travel from all over the country to The Riverwoods Conference Center in Logan, UT.  iWorQ’s training conference is an opportunity for iWorQ clients to become experts with the applications they rely on every day to manage work in their cities and counties.

This year’s guest speaker is Kay Olsen. Olsen is an accomplished professional with years of experience as the VP of Operations and Training for a well-known auto services franchise, a retail training consultant for major oil companies, and as a training facilitator and speaker for companies and franchisees across North America. Kay authored “Slick Business,” a customer service novel. Olsen graduated from Utah State University, and lives in the Logan area with his wife, Allyson. Olsen’s speech, “Accomplishing the Mission,” focuses on the importance of a company’s mission, and how the company mission leads to success within the organization.

One-on-one training is the primary focus for many of the cities and counties attending the conference. These individual training sessions are scheduled in advance so staff may customize the training to the specific needs of the customer. The training can be used to set up new iWorQ applications, train new staff, or refine internal processes.

The conference agenda is geared towards increasing familiarity with iWorQ’s web-based applications, making introductions to iWorQ staff, and meeting other customers. Attendees may see how other agencies use iWorQ to solve problems and streamline processes.

In addition, iWorQ will present all the new features and solutions that have been added since the last user conference.  Breakout sessions are focused on specific iWorQ applications, and the processes and solutions that iWorQ provides.