ZP Systems Merges with iWorQ Systems

Dear ZP Systems Customers,

As the President of iWorQ Systems, I wanted to personally introduce myself and tell you how lucky we are to merge with such a professional and experienced company as ZP System. Many of you have been ZP Systems’ clients for 10 or more years. What an amazing company!

iWorQ is fortunate that, as part of the merger, Stephen Schulz, owner of ZP Systems, has become our Vice President of Client Services. Here is a message from Stephen Schulz.

“Some of you may already know this, however the Windows portion of Zone Pro Software is written in a programming language called Visual Fox Pro. In their infinite wisdom, Microsoft stopped selling or supporting Visual FoxPro in 2013. Since then I have been planning to move towards an online version of ZonePro that would have no dependence on Windows. ZonePro SQL was the first major step in that direction and it provides an online database with the speed and performance that customers expected. We have been fortunate that recent iterations of Windows have continued to run our ZonePro Windows interface, however, this could change with the next Windows update or the next version of Windows. Our luck will not hold out forever. It’s now time to take the next step and move all our code and database online. iWorQ Systems’ online software is the perfect path forward.

Moving to the web will provide your agency with more tools to help the permitting process. It also represents a major opportunity to benefit from additional features like credit card payment, online forms, geographic information systems (GIS) and more. I’m very excited to announce our new offering!”

iWorQ Sytems has been providing web-based applications since 2001 with thousands of agencies and users across the United States and Canada. iWorQ has the best customer service in the industry and account managers with years of experience with local government agencies. iWorQ’s support team will be contacting each of ZP System’s user to: 1) Answer any questions you may have about this amazing merger of two great companies, 2) Secure and backup your ZP Systems Database, 3) update your contact information, and 4) introduce your agency to iWorQ’s U.S.-based support staff and account managers.

Please feel free to give us a call 1-888-655-1259, or reach out to us by email at support@iworq.com We look forward to helping you with the next steps!

Best Regards,

Garyn Perrett, President

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What’s next for ZonePro Users?

If you’re a current ZonePro user, take steps below for a smooth transition.

Steps for ZonePro 32 Users

1. Contact Customer Support by calling 888-655-1259 or e-mailing support@iworq.com

2. To prevent potential database corruption, iWorQ will back up your database and folders.

3. Update your agency information and e-mails.

4. Ask any questions you may have about iWorQ Systems and any further steps.

Steps for ZonePro SQL Users

1. Contact Customer Support by calling 888-655-1259 or e-mailing support@iworq.com

2. Update your agency information and e-mails.

3. Review your back up and storage options with Customer Support.

4. Ask any questions you may have about iWorQ Systems and any further steps.

About iWorQ Systems, Inc.

iWorQ has been providing solutions to local government agencies since 2001 and were the first in the market to provide a completely web-based solution with more than 20 applications. These applications include building permits, planning, zoning, rentals, code enforcement, abatement, work orders, inspections, fleet, pavement management, stormwater MS4 compliance, stormwater permitting, facility management, and more. iWorQ applications can be accessed in the office or in the field on any type of mobile device.

iWorQ’s applications are highly configurable and used by more than a thousand local government agencies throughout the United States and Canada. Agencies can use iWorQ’s technology to integrate with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), take online credit card payments, track online code complaints, and offer online forms for permits and inspections.