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iWorQ Provides Opportunities for ZP Systems Users

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In January, iWorQ Systems acquired ZP Systems, a long-standing company that has served hundreds of customers for more than 20 years. ZP Systems’ product lines included permitting and inspection software. This acquisition has been beneficial for ZP Systems’ users as it has provided them with more opportunities and features that iWorQ Systems has to offer.

Transition Benefits

ZP Systems users now have options beyond permitting and code enforcement applications. Without adding another software provider, users now can have access to a whole suite of add-ons such as business license software, work order management, fleet maintenance, sewer management, pavement management, and more.

With ZP Systems, files were locally stored, requiring customers to customize documents and update property ownership. With iWorQ, documents can be customized by using our generated letters and our technical support team can update property ownership.

ZonePro’s (ZP Systems’ software) screen was restrained to a certain size and only allowed seven user-defined fields. With iWorQ, customers can now customize more fields of different kinds with any application to track the items specific to their department and city. These fields can be reported on to provide vital information such as tracking fees and payments.

iWorQ also helps your communication with residents by offering online application portals including payment processing for citizens to apply for permits and contractors to request inspections. iWorQ’s contractor portal is even more robust letting users add more detail, customize the web form, and build searches to request inspections.

iWorQ also offers GPS for every record and its interactive map lets you visually see parcels. Customers have the option to view and edit information and see permits and cases that are tied to the specific parcel.


Zone Pro was written in a programming language called Visual Fox Pro, which is no longer being supported or sold by Microsoft. With an updated version from Windows, ZonePro may become obsolete. iWorQ also does not use a third-party to host their SQL databases. This means better security, accountability, and data backups in case of an emergency.

All of these enhancements and changes are helping ZonePro users to do more in less time. We are excited with this step and welcome ZP Systems customers to iWorQ!

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