iWorQ presents at APWA-North Carolina conference

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WorQ was invited to participate in the annual Streets and Equipment Services Divisions Conference in North Carolina on Efficiency in Public Works.

iWorQ Systems, a leading provider in Web-Based Software for Municipalities presented in North Carolina recently on Efficiency in Public Works and how iWorQ can help. Some of these applications included Signs and Pavement. Garyn Perrett, President of iWorQ spoke at the 2012 APWA conference in North Carolina, which was a 2 day conference that focused on Streets and Equipment Services. This conference consisted of multiple speakers split up into two groups so the attendees could choose the one that best suited their needs.

Garyn spoke on efficiency in public works  and the four rules for managing your assets. The four rules that he explained and expounded on included:

  1. It is not “how accurate can I get an asset location”, but “at what accuracy can that asset location be managed.”
  2. Remember “Collecting Data Geographically is different from managing data geographically”
  3. Remember, “The same tools/devices that are used to collect the data, must be used to maintain the data.”
  4. It is not “how much data can I collect”, but “what information do I need to make management decisions.”

With these main points that Garyn went over he explained how each of these simple key elements if remembered and watched can help a local government grow and maintain their assets on their limited budget. The assets that were focused on during the presentation were Signs, pavement and the inventory associated with them. On Signs it was mentioned that a couple of the things that a local government wants to keep track of are the height, installation date and support type. On the inventory side he talked about defining management segments, breaking the Geographic Information System (GIS) to match the management segments and collecting inventory information for each asset.

One of the last things that were mentioned during this presentation was reporting and analysis. Garyn focused on the things that a local government can do to make sure that the have the information necessary for this step of reporting and analysis.

Reporting is a critical part of the GASB 34 requirements

– Keeping a current inventory of your asset

– Do a condition assessment at least once every three years based on an industry standard or measurement scale.

– Estimate the annual amount required to maintain and preserve the asset at or above an established level of service

Garyn closed his presentation with a question and answer period and gave the attendees more information regarding iWorQ and the services they render to local governments.

iWorQ provides solutions and help with all of the topics that were mentioned above and also provides web-based applications for all local governments needs.


 BLOG POSTED: September 17, 2012

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