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Three reasons you need an iWorQ pavement assessment

Alexa BosenMaintenance

Have you ever asked a trusted friend, “How does my hair look today?”

You’ve spent hours (or maybe just a few seconds) making your hair look just right. You know it looks fine but you want validation from a third party that not only does it look OK, but it looks AWESOME! Or, if there is a spot that needs a quick fix, they’ll tell you and you get on with the day.

By now, you’re probably wondering what hair styling has to do with pavement assessment. It’s simple: You’ve spent a lot of time and money working on and maintaining your pavement. iWorQ’s web-based pavement management application tracks all the work you’ve done on pavement in your city or county. Based on the maintenance history of the pavement, iWorQ recommends treatments based on a number of different factors, including severity ratings and budget.

As part of our pavement assessment package, our trained professionals travel to you and rate your roads. This service leaves precious time for city and county employees to tend to those other important duties that need to be done.

Here’s the top three reasons you should contract with iWorQ to rate your roads:

  • No liability: When iWorQ performs pavement assessments and assigns pavement ratings, we assume the liability.
  • Independent, third party review: Just as you asking a friend to be honest when you ask about the appearance of your hair, iWorQ offers a non-biased approach to assessing your pavement.
  • Software: iWorQ’s cloud-based, user-friendly software is developed to work well with pavement ratings, providing tools to determine budgets, work schedules, pavement assessment, pavement remaining service life, recommended treatment and Shapefile/GIS maps.

With a combination of iWorQ’s pavement application and rating service, you can rest assured that your cost analysis is up to date. You’ll know exactly which roads are in the most desperate need of attention and repair, and you’ll be able to determine the budget for required maintenance.

Kort Ware, an iWorQ Systems employee, contributed to this post. Kort is a husband, a dad, a student, and is super enthusiastic about pavement and roads. 

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