iWorQ Presents at Annual Public Works Conference in Hawaii

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Recently iWorQ was invited to go and speak at the 13th annual Public Works Superintendent/Overseers Convention in Hawaii about Asset, Inventory and data Management.

This conference consists of speakers from quite a few different organizations on the islands. Some of these include the Hawaii LTAP , the county engineers, the Hawaii DOT and the USACE. For the conference they had selected some key speakers to present on certain topics. IWorQ’s President, Garyn Perrett was one of those speakers at this conference addressing Roads, Inventory and Inspection. During his presentation he went over many of the aspects of maintaining a road including the Asset Management Process.

This Process consists of:

  • Inventory
  • Condition Assessment
  • Asset Valuation
  • Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting
  • Resource Allocation
  • Feedback

Garyn went through each of these steps of the process and how iWorQ is helping local governments to keep track of this information and help them manage their resources. By following this process he showed that a local government can find out the materials they need and how to keep up with their cities needs. He explained how this process can not only help them in that regard but also with maintaining their assets on a budget. He said “Remember it is not how accurate can I get an asset location,” but “at what accuracy can that asset location be managed.” In the RSMS training manual it states that “Taking care of road and street systems is an ongoing real life activity and the management process must be both workable and realistic.” On one of the slides it talked about service level, keeping the balance between the current condition of the road and the level of funding that the local government is allotted. He also discussed the SHRP Distress Manual in detail and explained how to plan and forecast the maintenance needed. Garyn then went over some fundamental rules of asset management, discussing the key things to focus on.

iWorQ can give you information regarding each of these steps in the process including:

  • Inventory information (What to collect)
  • Condition assessment (Industry standards, measurement scale)
  • Asset Valuation formulas (Design life/ Useful life
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Asset management processes and more

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