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iWorQ Systems, a provider of local government management solutions, uses web-based programs that make tracking and managing a simple process. A large benefit of using iWorQ’s web-based software is the ability to access the program online from multiple devices.

iWorQ Mobile Use Survey – Permit Management

We recently conducted a survey with our Permit Management and Code Enforcement users, asking about the devices they are using to access the iWorQ software. We wanted to know if our clients use some sort of electronic tablet to access their application. Surprisingly, about 40% of users that completed the survey reported that they often do. We also questioned our clients about the specific types of tablets that are being used. The most common answer was the iPad. Other people mentioned using tablets such as the Microsoft Surface, Motorola Zoom, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Moto X, Asus, and Lenova Yoga.

We also wanted to know if the agencies use a wireless printer for permitting or tracking done outside of the office. While only about 5% of our clients reported that field printing is a necessary part of their permitting process, we predict other growing agencies will adopt this into their workflow as well. Agencies that do use a wireless printer, reported using the brands HP and Sharp.

One client that enjoyed the diverse accessibility said:

“We have found the permit management and code enforcement modules beneficial in keeping our records up to date and managing staff time more efficiently. It is a big advantage not having to store the data onsite.”

A benefit of using the online iWorQ software is the diverse accessibility. You can access a program from any location with an internet connection from any device. This is key for programs like Work Management that often need to be accessed outside the office or in the field.

iWorQ Mobile Use Survey – Work Management

We recently conducted a survey with our Work Management users about the processes and devices they use. First, we asked our customers if they use the program outside of the office. More and more of our agencies use it in the field every day. We also wanted to know if agencies use smartphones to access the application. Some users mentioned that they will use their iPhone, Motorola Droid Razor, Samsung Galaxy, and the LG Spectrum to manage their work orders. Customers also said they often use tablets such as the iPad to log on.

Another great feature of the program is the integrated emailing process. Agencies can email a work order straight from the application, making sending and receiving one simple process. Many of our clients reported this was an important part of their routine. Also, the iWorQ Software allows you to upload a photo directly from your smartphone or tablet to a work order. Surprisingly this number was relatively low. Several of our agencies requested additional training on this feature. Photos in the field can be very helpful for agencies that want to have documented evidence of the work and progress of a project.

Our goal is to make tracking and managing from these devices seamless. Most of the current management applications for local governments are not portable in a world that is constantly moving; although they serve a purpose most are not usable on the go. iWorQ Systems has the solution, providing a service for local governments to access their information in any location on any platform.

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