iWorQ celebrates National #PublicWorks Week May 17-23

Alexa BosenPublic Relations

Public works professionals in your community provide the infrastructure and services that you’ve come to rely upon in your daily life. National Public Works Week, instituted by the American Public Works Association (APWA) in 1960 as a campaign raising awareness for public works in community life, is May 17-23, 2015. Take this opportunity to thank the men and women in your community who work supporting and improving your quality of life daily. It’s easy to take things like sanitation lines, water lines, and roads for granted. Typically we realize how valuable these things are when there is a catastrophe of sorts that interrupts our routines. Public works employees keep community systems running smoothly, and maintain public buildings and meeting areas.

All across the United States, cities, towns, and counties come together during public works week to organize clean-up days, environmental projects, recycling projects, and increase awareness of public works through exhibits. If you’re looking to plan your own celebration, the APWA provides some great resources to help you get organized.

iWorQ Systems develops cloud-based solutions for public works in your community that save time and money. Manage costs, employees, projects, and schedules from any web-enabled device from any location with Internet access. iWorQ provides the most cost-effective, affordable solutions for cities and counties. Are you maintaining pavements, sidewalks, signs, and other assets in your community? iWorQ makes treatment recommendations, prepares budgets, and tracks schedules for maintenance. Provide reports to your city council on your schedule to provide a return on your investment. Whether you manage stormwater, sewer lines, trees, water lines, or other capital assets, or facilities, iWorQ has a solution for you.

Communities spanning the United States and Canada use iWorQ’s applications to manage public works and community development. 

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