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Five Ways You Can Improve Your Job & Office with Municipal Software

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iWorQ’s Municipal Software

It’s natural for anyone to be reluctant about changing the process that they have done for years. They’re comfortable. Everyone understands it. But what if there was a better way? Below are five distinct ways that iWorQ’s municipal software can improve your workload, workplace, and help your local government office.

1. Better communication with your citizens

Cities are now promoting more engagement activities to combat a decline in public trust in the government. A public meeting often doesn’t provide the citizen engagement required in today’s technology-dominated world. Communication with citizens increases a sense of community, happy constituents, and safer neighborhoods. iWorQ’s municipal software improves communication between cities and counties and their citizens through various applications. For example, with the Citizen Engagement application, citizens can report a problem such as a pothole, submit a code enforcement complaint, or apply for a permit from their phone or the city website. Employees can receive e-mail notifications when a request is submitted concerning their department. Live statuses help keep the citizen notified of the progress of their submittal. The app increases communication and trust with citizens without having to make phones calls or send e-mails.

2. An easier way to track costs, and report for funding

Budgeting is a key aspect for every government office. Having data from easy to access reports on helps officials make better decisions. Often to receive funding, accurate data and reports are needed for approval. The process of keeping track of this data can be monotonous and time-consuming. iWorQ’s municipal software helps to organize all of these items and calculate your costs, whether it be man hours, equipment and inventory costs, and more. Because our applications eliminate the need to calculate by hand and anything that you track can easily be reported on, it will save employees time. Receiving funding and budgeting also becomes an easier process with iWorQ.

3. Plotting of assets with GIS

Public Works officials know that their job requires much work to be done in the field, as well as in the office. It’s time-consuming to run to and from the office to record and update information. With the built-in iWorQ map, cities and counties can check and update their assets in the field, on any type of device including smartphones and tablets. Every asset becomes a point on the map, and if changes need to be made, these items can record maintenance or create a new work order. This reduces any time needed to travel back and forth between the work site and office. It improves the routing of workers to determine the quickest way to inspect or work on assets, provides real-time information, improves communication between team members, and gives the ability to add details about any of your assets from any device.

4. Your data is in one place

When multiple employees are working with the same information or file, it can be hectic. Using paperwork or e-mails can cause the information to be unorganized or get lost because employees might be working in different offices or out in the field. iWorQ’s municipal software makes it possible to have your data in one central area for records to be kept and for collaboration with employees. iWorQ comes with unlimited user licenses, so all of your employees will have access to the live data. Each user can have read-only or other restrictions to ensure confidentiality. History is recorded of which users make changes at what day and time. Moving away from the burden of paper towards the ease of electronic records makes it simple for anyone to access the information that they consistently need. Being able to view the real-time status of work items helps supervisors quickly know what has been done and what is being worked on.

5. Saving your employees time

We have worked with government employees for more than 17 years and we know you are busy. There is often too much work to be done and not enough employees. Luckily, utilizing iWorQ’s municipal software is like adding another employee to your office, saving you and your employees time and increasing your efficiency. iWorQ calculates costs, tracks inventory quantity and price, organize permits and work orders, schedules inspections, and more. iWorQ replaces manual paper-based systems while minimizing errors and improving inter-office communication. You can find the right information in a shorter amount of time without having to look through file cabinets and allows you to generate individual letters or batches of letters in one easy step.

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