Governments Going Mobile with iWorQ’s Request App

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The iWorQ Request app is available on Apple and Android phones; allowing local governments to receive and create service requests. 

About iWorQ’s app

iWorQ is a company that empowers local government with affordable web-based solutions. Recently iWorQ has released a mobile app for smartphones to allow for easier access and management of service requests. Without something to track requests, many can get lost and slip through the cracks unintentionally. The iWorQ Request app is the solution to this problem; once the request is submitted by phone, iWorQ allows the request to be managed using their service request web-based solution. Some of the main features of this app include being able to attach a picture and a detailed description to correlate with the job that needs to be done. This mobile application can also generate a service request from the field including a picture and an X, Y coordinate.

Another feature that is showcased in this app is it allows users to find their exact location if they are off-site and pinpoint the latitude and longitude coordinates.

One last feature is that there is an option of entering contact information or requesting anonymously.

Integration with the software

This app works in two different ways to help local governments with their service requests. The first is that citizens can use this to inform their local government of any concerns that they have pertaining to the city or county. This is where the ability to attach a picture and description comes in handy for the app user. They can inform the local government of the exact place and specify what needs attention.

The second is that employees can use it in order to track and manage the requests they receive or things that they see that need attention, they can directly put them into their service request. The location feature becomes very useful in both cases, automatically allowing the local government to know the exact location where the attention is needed. iWorQ says that “Local Governments can even reduce their liability by providing these types of tools for services request to be submitted and managed.”

Following up

When a local government uses this app, there is an account code assigned to that agency. A user wanting to submit a concern enters in the assigned agency code to send the request directly to that specific city or county. Once submitted, the user can check back on the website to view the status of their request. This creates an easy to use and effective way to track and manage any service requests, making sure none of them fall through the cracks. One of the iWorQ Request app users commented that it is an “Awesome app for communicating directly with your city.”

Isn’t it time for your city to go mobile?

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