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iWorQ’s government code enforcement software provides your agency withGovernment Code Enforcement Software the ability to track violations, permits, inspections, licenses, and more

iWorQ Code Enforcement:

  • Tracks activities, inspections, documentation, status, type of violation, as well as the property address and GIS location of a problem.
  • Is an easy-to-use Internet application allows agencies to create and schedule activities, inspections, and track the progress of each violation.
  • Can track violations by category and sub-category.
  • Can tie violations to a defendant, property address, and a complainant.
  • Is customizable to meet the needs of any organization

iWorQ’s government code enforcement software assigns each violation/problem a case number. Each case number can be assigned to an employee/inspector, and the progress can be documented by date, activity, description of the activity, status, and completion date. In addition, the application will track letters sent, follow-up dates, and specific notes. The application can be customized to meet the needs of any organization. Users have the ability to add activities, inspections, violations, assigned employees, the steps taken, as well as custom database fields. Any customization done by the user is completely integrated into the functions of the application including searching, data management, and reporting.

iWorQ Code Enforcement can track violations by property address/parcel number as well as the type of address (legal, owner, etc.) The violation can be mapped using iWorQ’s interactive map. Zoom into an aerial photograph of your agency, search by address to place a point on a GIS mapping layer, or give the violation an X, Y Coordinate.

Users can associate documents and photos to each case. Detailed notes can be recorded by date for each case. In addition, the agency can track the steps or progress used to mitigate the problem. Activities can be assigned to an inspector/employee, and each employee can track the notes, dates, and status of each case. Detailed reports are also available for compiling information, and allow users to view all of the information at once, streamlining the decision-making process.

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Government Code Enforcement Software