GIS/GPS Services

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iWorQ also offers the ability to integrate GIS mapping into each of the asset management applications. This allows for more distinct and accurate asset management. With these integrated maps iWorQ has made it easy to visually inspect, analyze, and communicate information about infrastructure and assets.

iWorQ Infrastructure

iWorQ has an Infrastructure division that can collect GPS/GIS data and quickly get your data and maps at your fingertips and help implement an easier and feature rich asset management program for all your infrastructure maintenance needs. Asset GPS location and data collection services are offered for all of the asset management applications, including GPS Centerline Pavement maps, Pavement assessments.

Import Existing Data

If your agency as already started to accumulate GIS data and mapping, that information can easily be moved into iWorQ. By importing that data, you have information ready to link to parcel data or assets.

See how iWorQ has implemented GIS Mapping/GPS to better work for you.

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