Field 311 service requests with iWorQ

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Sheridan, Wyoming recently decided to implement iWorQ’s 311 service request feature by using the Citizen Engagement app. Here is an article put out by their local government: 

Sheridan is making reporting potholes and other infrastructure issues much easier with use of a smartphone app. Hannah Stepenoff has the details here.


Residents of Sheridan may have an even faster way to report potholes and other infrastructure issues within city limits. The City of Sheridan has been using the iWorQ system to sort out infrastructure issues for five years now, according to Public Works Director Nic Bateson.


iWorQ is web-based software that organizes the city’s work orders and sends those orders to the appropriate department to have them fixed. The software has since expanded to include a simple “spot, snap and send” application that allows residents to report everything from potholes and cracks in the sidewalk to broken water pipes and other infrastructure issues.


Bateson said the app is available at the iTunes Apple and Google Play stores, can be used on smartphones and tablets, and is free. All you have to do is download the application and enter the city’s code, and fill out basic information about yourself.


He said residents are encouraged to try the application out, but are still welcome to call the city’s main office with any infrastructure concerns, as well.


This post by Hannah Stepenoff is reprinted from (Wyoming) and originally appeared on 3/18/2015 here:


Read more about 311 Service and Citizen Requests here:

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