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Local government leaders are charged with maintaining the infrastructure, managing the resources, and serving the citizens to keep their communities vibrant and healthy – regardless of their size. Local governments have always been required to serve their citizens using limited resources. The administration is a huge part of keeping an agency organized and running smoothly.

As the first company to offer city and county government management applications as an Internet service, not as installed software, iWorQ has enabled hundreds of government agencies to access the best government software at a fraction of the cost.

Do you want results? iWorQ can implement applications to track citizen requests, work orders, projects, and fleet, in less than a week. Track progress with a monthly report, and empower your department and/or your agency with information.

Do you want something that works? iWorQ will train your staff, provide support, answer questions, and provide solutions. Don’t let software become your job, because it is ours.

iWorQ’s solutions for local government leaders include: Citizen Request and Complaints, 311 call system, Code Enforcement, Inspections, Graffiti, Accident Records, Fleet Management, Building Maintenance, Work Management, Project

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