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Introducing iWorQ’s Citizen Engagement

Alexa BoseniWorQ News

As a government entity, it is imperative to communicate with citizens and help with their needs. iWorQ’s citizen engagement software gives cities and counties tools to communicate with citizens in real-time. iWorQ’s citizen engagement software provides convenient methods for citizens to notify city and county leadership about issues in the community – including fallen trees, broken pipes, potholes, code violations, or even kudos for a job well done. This can be accomplished with any internet-capable device, or via iWorQ’s mobile app. Visible, open communication between government and the people increases citizen satisfaction: the more citizens feel heard and understood, the more likely they are to be happy.

Benefits for iWorQ’s citizen engagement software:

  • Robust mobile app for Android and iOS

  • Available on any computer, tablet or mobile device

  • Web form/ link for city website

  • Configurable fields for simple data entry

  • Citizen account creation and request tracking 

  • Drive citizen satisfaction, streamline communication between citizens and city/county leadership, and reduce overhead costs with a self-service public portal

  •  Tools for tracking internal and external requests

  • Robust reporting capabilities

  • Upload images and pdf files

  • Track request location with X,Y coordinates

iWorQ’s citizen engagement provides tools to keep citizens informed on the status of requests in real-time via a mobile application or a website. Readily available information reduces the amount of time the city/county staff use to make phone calls and working with walk-in clients. This gives the city/county staff more time to devote to other pressing matters. At iWorQ, we know your time is valuable. Request a demo today so we can help maximize yours.

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