National County Government Month 2020

Celebrating National County Government Month

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NCGM (National County Government Month) 2020

iWorQ Systems is pleased to join with others across the U.S. in celebrating National County Government Month! NCGM (National County Government Month) has been held every April since 1991 to recognize services and programs that county governments offer and responsibilities they take.

NACo (National Association of Counties) announced this year's theme for NCGM as "Counties Matter", and we couldn't agree more.

County governments play an essential role in day-to-day operations within their states. They provide a wide range of functional and critical services to their citizens, including community and economic development, environmental control, public works, public safety, recreation, human services, infrastructure projects, and more. Through these services, the essential needs of all county residents are met.

There are more than 3,000 counties in the United States, and their efforts help drive our nation forward, keep us safe, and shape how our communities grow.

At iWorQ we are honored to be able to provide cost-effective management software solutions that help counties modernize their processes and efficiently manage departments with the fantastic services they provide.

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