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Business License Management Software

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iWorQ’s cloud-based business license management software tracks licensing for business, animals, liquor, special license types, and more. Our solution centralizes licensing functions in a simple-to-use application, tracking applicants, addresses expiration dates, files, renewal dates and fees. Serve your constituents by providing online license applications and collect fees online, saving office administration time, maximizing revenue, and streamlining operations. Business owners update their information directly from your city or county website, renew licenses, and pay applicable fees online. After application and payment, print licenses with your city or county seal, in a format designed and/or specified by your office. 

iWorQ’s business license management software manages new license applications and renewals. Licenses are configurable to print exactly per your specifications.

Types of licensing managed with iWorQ applications:

  • Business licenses
  • Animal, including dog licenses
  • Kennel license
  • Rental license
  • Liquor license
  • Marijuana license
  • Food handling license
  • Catering license
  • Tree service license
  • Child care license
  • Solicitation or vendor license
  • Food truck license
  • Vehicle booting license
  • Special events license
  • Temporary merchants license

One of the greatest benefits to tracking licenses is the reporting capabilities. Generate revenue reports, track licenses by type or category, by applicant, or other defined criteria. With iWorQ, you’ll be able to provide community leadership with reports on how many licenses were requested within a date range, are up for renewal, and more. Simplify your license management with iWorQ today.

iWorQ is designed to be intuitive and simple. It’s easy to implement, and even easier to use. iWorQ is completely web based, meaning it’s securely accessible from any web-enabled device, from any location.

In addition to licensing management, iWorQ develops web-based applications for permit tracking and management, code enforcement, and public works. Communities in every state use iWorQ’s applications to manage public works and community development. 

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