2014 iWorQ Conference Quick Recap

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2014 Recap

he 2014 iWorQ Conference came to Logan, Utah at the gorgeous Riverwoods Conference Center from August 12-13 and was a roaring success. Attendance was double that of 2013, and attendees traveled from Arizona, and Kansas, and Alaska.

Guest speakers were current iWorQ consumers that showcased how the city management suite software that iWorQ provides has changed the way they are able to manage their municipalities. Orem city demonstrated how they are able to complete all work orders while in the field, manage every sign, light, and signal all within the system.

At the conference, iWorQ was able to demonstrate some key features and announce how many features will continue to improve over the next coming months. iWorQ demonstrated in the general gathering session how they are able to effectively answer questions, and listen genuinely to consumer feedback for future improvement.

One-on-one instruction was available from tech representatives to any customer that may have questions on how to work, and a field-work demonstration of a pavement assessment was also conducted.

After all the work, iWorQ employees and customers went out for activities ranging from hiking, go-karting, to golf and exquisite dining.

The next iWorQ Conference will be in the summer of 2015, and details for that will not be available until next year. Thanks to all those who attended! We look forward to seeing you next year.