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10 Reasons to Switch to Permit Software on the Cloud

Alexa BosenManagement

You’re already using web-based applications that live in the cloud today. Do you use social media, online banking, web-based email, or Pandora? If yes, then you’re already a savvy web-based software user and you’ve traveled all over the cloud! More agencies are switching over to cloud-based permit software because of the security and efficiency that comes along with it.

Here's TEN REASONS to use cloud applications:

  1. Web-based applications are safe. Data is stored on secure servers and is accessed via username and password. Storing files on personal hard drives, thumb drives, and other devices has long been considered secure, but those items are lost, stolen, corrupt, and rarely backed up properly. Using web-based software keeps your data secure and updated.

  2. Web-based software simplifies your business. Employing web-based applications mean you don’t have to worry about technical stuff, like uptime, security, backups, upgrades and more. IT staff like web-based applications because they are easy to deploy. Spend your time focusing on what matters to your stakeholders: the citizens of your community.

  3. Web-based applications provide direct access to your data, no matter where you are, or which device you use to login. Did you forget your thumb drive? Leave your phone at home? Or perhaps your external hard drive got stolen while you were on vacation. No need to worry about where you saved that file – the data is centralized and accessible via the web from any computer or device from anywhere, anytime. The best part is that it’s secure.

  4. Data is backed up regularly and automatically. Never worry about the last time your data was backed up – iWorQ handles that for you. Our backups are stored offsite for redundancy. What this means for you is that our backups have backups. We have never lost any data.

  5. You’re always using the latest and greatest version of the application. Traditional applications require you to purchase additional licensing, or download and install updates or patches. We handle all of that for you, which saves you time and money. This is one less thing for you to worry about.

  6. Web-based applications run on any device, on any operating system, and in any browser, as long as you have an active Internet connection. You don’t need to worry if the devices that you already own are compatible. If the device can launch a browser and connect to the internet, it can run a web-based application.

  7. Work from anywhere, any time, any place. Your office is wherever you are, because your data is accessible anywhere with Internet access. Do you need to update that work order from the field? Want to check on the status of a permit, but you’ve only got your mobile phone in your pocket? Need to update some notes on a code enforcement investigation?

  8. Web-based applications provide access to those who need it when they need it. All the users who have a username and password have access to the data you want them to see. Your team has the data they need right now, in real time. They have the files they need right now. You’re all looking at the latest information. The same data.

  9. We drink our own champagne. At iWorQ, we use our own software to manage some of the key pieces of our business. Data that we rely on to support our customers effectively and drive business decisions is housed on the same server our customer data is stored. We treat your data the same way we treat our own – with the same back up and security policies. iWorQ’s web-based applications provide solutions you can trust.

  10. Web-based applications save money. You don’t need to buy hardware – like servers and rack space – or software – like Microsoft SQL licensing – to use web based software. Machines used to access the software need capabilities to run a web browser – so you don’t have to spend extra money for disk space, RAM, or anything extra.

iWorQ Systems provides hundreds of government agencies access to robust municipal management software at the most competitive rates on the market today. For nearly 16 years, our clients have used our public works and community development applications. iWorQ is developed with you in mind. We designed and integrated simplicity into all levels of iWorQ, so you spend less time administrating the application, and more time doing work that’s important to your constituency. Our software boosts productivity, increases citizen satisfaction, and saves time. Contact us today to schedule a demo

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